Friday, 1 May 2015

The (International) Herald Tribune

Last week, I decided I needed some Nurgle Heralds on foot. Just basic stuff. No huge, all-conquering awe-inspiring Greater Daemon or Daemon Prince, just some lowly little Heralds. I figured I want some low-level characters for more low-level armies.

Also, thanks to the Daemonic Table, you can never tell when an enemy psyker gets his mind fried and you get a free Herald dropping out of the ether. Better be prepared for the occasion, as it would surely be considered rude not to take advantage of free models...

I wasn't really happy with my initial efforts though:

In the end, I decided it was the head, tore it off again and came up with a new version I prefer by far:

Obviously, I still need to do all the greenstuffing, but I think the basic concept is very sound.
Oh, and the model isn't small, it's just standing on a 40mm base. I was never really happy with the official concept of Heralds just being slightly beefed-up regular troopers, I always thought they should stand out, so they should be discernibly larger and certainly get a base upgrade.

I actually can't remember where I got the antlers from, but I really like them as they feel so Nurgly...


So, when I said some Heralds, I wasn't exaggerating, I was working on two of the dudes at the same time. However, I was even less content with where the second Herald was going, so I disassembled it completely and now am left with just the bare bones of a model:

Still a long way to go, obviously...


  1. That is one awesome looking herald of Nurgle! I think the new head improves the overall look of the model immensely. The model now has a more sinister vibe to him (reminds me of something you would see in Hellboy or B.P.R.D). :)

    I like where you are going with the second herald too. That weird old Chaos Dreadnought claw was a great idea!

    1. I agree the head was a big improvement, thanks. The Dreadnought claw has been in my bitz box like forever, and I'm glad I have finally found a model big enough to support it.

  2. Very cool. The antlered head is a big improvement.

    He's packin' serious hardware. Looks like he's coming to the party well prepared to saw some things (people).

    1. Yeah, I'm a big fan of chainsaw overkill, you couldn't tell... 8]

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'll have to finish the second dude, soon(ish)

  4. Luckily I fell accidentally on your blog your conversions are really very well. I am impatient to see the latter paints.

  5. Very late to this party. Oh damn that first herald is off to a cracking start, its ace. While the second herald is much less further along the electro scourge arm is ticking all the boxes.

    Now I'm hoping you've made some progress since May?


  6. Yes I think of having made the progress since May and I am impatient to see this ended and painted figurine!!