Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Honourable Decaying Mother

Now this model is something very special to me. When I first saw pictures of the Wet Nurse by Kindom Death several years ago,
  I was so taken back by the design and the miniature itself, I knew I had to buy it at some point and convert it. However, this resin model was strictly limited and the only source you could get it was ebay, but you had to lurk for months, and it had a corresponding price tag attached (The model is currently available again, at least the plastic version). However, I really loved the model, it was a perfect blend of the Artemis of Ephesus:

and the work of H.R. Giger:
 When I was developping the army background for my ChainsawDaemonEngines, I pondered the finer points of Daemonhood. I figured that Daemons constantly fight each other for supremacy, and while Daemons are esssentially immortal, there should be instances where Daemons (or their essence) of one side could be enslaved by the other if victorious.

So I came up with the story of a former Slaaneshi Daemon Princess that was defeated in a duel and consequently subjugated to serve Nurgle (for 7777 years), her essence broken up and reformed to please her new master, her beaty and fertility perverted to a more Nurglitch version of beaty and fertility.

Enter the Honourable Decaying Mother.

Along with her, her entire court would go over to Nurgle as well, offering me even more exciting modelling projects, but more to that in future posts.

For now, worship the glory of the Honourable Decaying Mother:


  1. The idea of a slaanesh daemon prince being subjugated by a Nurgle one is an excellent idea, one that opens up a huge amount of modeling potential. And you certainly have not wasted any time capitalizing on the idea! The incorporation of that KD model was a stroke of genius, resulting in a truly repellent model :) The base is equally horrifying. I almost do not even want to look at it..., he he.

    1. Thanks! I already have some more Nurglized Slaaneshis lying around, I'll show them soon here...

  2. That's an interesting beastie. I have mixed feelings about this Kingdom Death sculpt (just like I have mixed feelings about the range as a whole). But what you've done with it is good; it perfectly captures the idea of a Slaanesh Daemon 'subjugated to serve Nurgle'. I can only say: fantastic job, sir.

    1. Personally, I really love the KD style, and I'm planning on including more of their minis in my projects.
      I think I know where your mixed feelings stem from, but would you care to elaborate?

    2. Sure. I don't know what you think, but it is entirely a matter of aesthetics, and not ideology.

      I am aware that there has been a fuss about the KD range being sexist. I'll do anything to keep away from such discussions since they are in most cases extremely tedious, predictable in their argumentation, and leading nowhere. Especially if they happen on the internet.

      Anyways, I don't like chainmail bikinis and ginormus racks because I don't find them either beautiful or sexy; in fact, to me they look ridiculous and in bad taste. Some people do like them, and I'm fine with that.

      Regarding the cocks that tend to appear across the range: it's fine if it makes some sort of sense and is not there for the sole reason to gross people out. Like that mini that has a half of a skirt made of penises and a bikini made of tongues. In my opinion, that design is pointless, and I'm sure there are much better ways to imagine 'self-obsessed Satan' that "split into twin hermaphrodite lovers to share the world with itself." For one, the mini I refer to and her 'twin' have nothing about them that says 'hermaphroditic'; they are just two chicks half-dressed in tongues and boners.

      On the other hand, all the sculpts are technically very well done, and I really like some of the designs - mostly the armoured ones and KD designer's vision of Slenderman.

    3. OK, I'll admit, that was only partially what I was expecting :)

      I must say I can relate to your criticism, however, I approach the issue from a different angle. What I immediately liked about the KD style was its individuality, especially compared to the more "skullporn" style that GW too often delves into. But to be honest, I liked the style even more as soon as I realized how much it would upset people.

      I think you have a fair point by saying the models look pointless and ridiculous, but in the context of Daemons, this is exactly what I would go for - grossing people out and being 'in the face'. So basically, what you see as a weak design concept, I see as a sound facet of Daemonhood.

  3. I agree with Ana about Kingdom Death, I pretty much love all the monsters but hate all the female sculpts, it just seems like such a cop out to make such imaginative creatures and such tacky heroines. The Satan twins are pretty much the ultimate cop out in the range, a great rough concept that could have been imagined as pretty much anything other than just two half-naked chicks. I could totally see Slaanesh daemons splitting in two in order to love themselves, like a twisted Narcissus, but with more cow heads and claws.

    But I do totally love this model, you've done a great job with it and it's really original (although I am pretty sure Meade - the other person on my site - was planning something with the same sculpt). The only thing I am not keen on is the base, I think busy bases detract slightly from the models but that's a personal preference. It reminds me of Gyo (a comic I would not recommend reading if you are of a delicate constitution) - a bloated creature on spindly mechanical legs.

    Thanks for commenting over on my site, I wouldn't have found your blog otherwise. You should post on Dakka or somewhere!

    1. Thanks for the comment, and yes, I will go to Dakka.

      As far as the Kingdom Death minis are concerned, I also think I have a somewhat different standard I apply to minis than most other people. I don't ever judge minis as they are, I only ever judge them as raw material for conversions - I leave no mini unconverted. I've found this often leads to disagreement when talking about models...

      One thing I will agree on with Ana and you is that Satan was a rather weak concept. I do, however, like the clothes made out of tongues and boners... that's totally like I would envisage Daemons to dress. They wouldn't have regular robes or stuff like that, they're just real assholes and would dress accordingly. Sick assholes.

  4. Oh gods yes! Dude, every time I come back there's some other beautiful monstrosity..