Saturday, 17 May 2014

Plaguebearers (Progress)

I have posted some early pics of my Plaguebearers converted from Confrontation Mid-Nor Dwarfs in an earlier post. I now have something to show:

Some progress on my Plaguebearers... I have finished four so far:

while three more are in various states of unfinishedness:

and three more are still awaiting paint at the moment:

I like these models, because they were the very very first ChainsawDaemonEngines I ever put together, about two years ago now. I only ever painted two of them and left the rest lying around... until now. I promised myself to finally give them the paint they deserve and not put anything else on the worktable until all of them are finished.

Thing is, I have tried exactly that several times before, without any success at all in the past. So having finished two more models now (making four in total, see first picture), I have actually come a long way already. As I am writing this, another one is very close to completion as well.

Some more pics:


  1. Wow! You were really on your game with these guys.

    Love the generally subdued colors. The bright blue tongue on the one is a great touch.

    1. Thanks. I try to use only browns as skintones for my army, because Nurgle=green is just getting old.

      One of the models does have some green undertones, though :D

  2. Seriously good! They look amazing! /Hans

  3. Awfully good Nurgle models! Love 'em. The colours look great. Would you mind if I share some of your work on my blog if I accredit and post a link back here?

    1. Hi! Sure, you can do that.

      Be advised though, that this blog has entered the annual hibernation phase already ;)