Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blowflies of Nurgle

Slowly, but steadily, the servants of Nurgle march on. In this case, however, they don't actually march but rather fly in on fetid wings. Or somesuch. The blowflies are my version of Gargoyles, with a Nurgly vibe to them. The unit was completed at the beginning of the year, under the ols Codex. Nowadays, Gargoyles can actually be given a Mark of Nurgle, so hurray to that.

I changed the unit's concept in mid-work, because I liked the first model with fly wings so much that I decided that every member of the unit should represent some kind of insect. To some varying degree, I think I managed to pull that off.

In a bid to praise father Nurgle, I always try to make my units 7 models strong. With troops choices, this is sadly no longer possible, but it works with Gargoyles just fine.

 The Fly

 The Rust Peacock

 The Dragonfly

 The Moth

 The Butterfly

 The Fly-Spawn

 The Hawk Moth


  1. These are Chaotic genius! So much love given to the old school look, wow!

    1. Thanks dude. I take it as a compliment, but I'm a bit confused as to what you consider 'old school look'...?

  2. Another great unit! The Dragonfly, the Butterfly and the Moth are my top 3.

  3. Really good stuff! Very creative /Hans