Monday, 3 June 2013

Into the Wastes of Madness, into the Realms of Chaos

I got the idea for my current project from the great blog Tears of Isstvan. As Realm of Chaos (RoC), the original book that fully introduced the concepts of Chaos to the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 background, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, a salute seems to be in order. Some inspiringly crazy gamers from the UK decided to do this by using the mind-bogglingly random tables in RoC to dice out a Warband, convert and paint it, and then even play with it using the rules of WHFB from back then (3rd edition).

As soon as I learned how great these tables and associated conversion opportunities were, I rushed over to ebay to buy both RoC books and have a go at it myself. Now, I am not planning on actually playing with my warband, but I will definitely build and paint it.

I intend to reveal the units that the dark gods have bestowed me with one after the other, and then document my progress with each. First up, my first unit of the retinue:

Kentauri of Nurgle - 3 Centaurs 

At this time, I only have some very very early WIP pictures, but I will try to post updates in a couple of days.



  1. Hi, RoC is an inspired choice, very hip yet so adaptable and random. The kentaurii looks very promising, are those elf horses?

    Could you add a follow gadget?

    1. Hello and thanks for the kind words. I've now added the follow gadget, didn't realize it wasn't already activated from the start.

      As for the horses, the first one is from the Sessair Kelts from good old Confrontation, while the second one ist actually a Dark Elf horse, yes, albeit from Warzone and not GW.