Tuesday, 11 June 2013

ChainsawDaemonEngines: Yr'ghurarch the Immaculate

Next up on the tour of my daemon army: Yr'ghurarch the Immaculate, Daemon Prince of Nurgle. Incidentally, the Nurgle Daemon Prince model was one of the two models prompting me to collect a Nurgle Daemon army in the first place. Consequently, I did not want to convert it too much, settling for a head swap and modifications to the weapons (chainmace, yeah!). And yes, the wings of course.

Yr'ghurarch the Immaculate, Daemon Prince of Nurgle


  1. Chainmace- brilliant! The Ogre Tyrant head fits perfectly. Altogether another great conversion and paintjob. :)

  2. Nice! He looks perfectly Nurgly. Big and brutal!